Preparacion de Taxes: (e-file)

Preparation of Taxes: (e-file)

Highly qualified and trained personnel will help you prepare your taxes and make your statements under the current guidelines. You will get the most return on your repayments.

Consulting services

Experts in the financial area will advise you on your business. For us your company is our company, be it a small business, or a large corporation, we are here to advise you on accounting, financial and management material.

Servicios de Consultoria
Servicios Contables

Accounting Services

New companies or established companies, we offer the service to keep your accounts up to date, to increase the performance of your business, advising you on time in the control of expenses. Keeping up to date your records we can have accurate reports of your business in real time and help you improve your management.

CPA Associated

Do you need CPA services? we have trained personnel to represent it when the situation warrants it.

Servicios de Nomina (PayRoll)

Payroll Services

We offer you the service of taking your salary, managing your payments and control of the taxes generated by your employees, helping you to reduce the time dedicated to the administration of your workers.

IRS Audits

At Master Accouting & Tax our tax professionals go through extensive training and use of the latest technology to ensure you get the largest tax refund you can receive.

IRS Auditorías


Do you want to own your own business? Do you want to know which corporation is best for your business? We create the company and advise on accounting and tax material.


We offer public notary services, to notarize your documents when you require it.


Life Insurance

Master Accounting Tax offers affordable life insurance options to meet your family’s needs.

Health Insurance

When you are looking for a health insurance, it is a good idea to take a look at all the angles. You want a coverage that suits your lifestyle.


Dental, Accidents, Hospitalization, Vision, Final expenses.