Preparation of Taxes: (e-file)

Highly qualified and trained personnel will help you prepare your taxes and make your statements under the current guidelines. You will get the most return on your repayments.

Accounting Services

New companies or established companies, we offer the service to keep your accounts up to date, to increase   the performance of your business, advising you on time in the control of expenses.

Payroll Services

We offer you the service of taking your salary, managing your payments and control of the taxes generated by your employees, helping you to reduce the time dedicated to the administration of your workers.

Master Accounting & Tax Orlando Florida

Where you can count and get a personalized service. We pay attention to the details and your individual needs. We are dedicated to know and treat you safely to your complete satisfaction. Our experience in public and private accounting of your company.


Master Accounting & Tax is a company with many years of experience, which has highly trained and trained personnel to help and advise you in your financial and accounting matters, in your personal and corporate taxes. We do not offer our services by temperada, we have staff that works for you all year, which will gladly focus on solving and clearing all your doubts. We are here for you.

Master Accounting Tax